About Us

Bouza Green-Farming Technology (BGT). Eco Living Plow

MEGA PROJECT TEAMOur Corporation was created for the purpose of making available to everyone a new Technology for the ecological treatment of the agricultural lands.

Its creator Heriberto Bouza has generated BGT through many years of scientific labor. BGT Technology makes a horizontal cut of the soil without inverting its layers following the same direction formed by nature. The new BGT Technology has been filed in the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

BGT Technology has been verified through excellent results in different soil and climate conditions in various countries throughout America and Europe.

More than a simple technological change, BGT represents a new development to the historical way in which the land has been cultivated.

BGT offers enormous benefits in the fight against global warming, marking a new era in quality improvement of the air, the water, the soil and the food we consume.

BGT allows for the unprecedented reduction in the use of fossil fuels improving human health and the economy of our farmers.
I addition BGT will have a great impact on the organic food production and biological fuels because it directly benefits their production base which is the soil.

All of our products and services are endorsed by our staff’s extensive experience which has been accomplished and enriched by long standing field work, constant sharing of knowledge and by the direct exchange with the talent and wisdom of our farmers.