ECOPLOW- ECOARADO: A Multipurpose implement that does not turn the soil layers and performs almost all tillage operations with more quality and efficiency than conventional implements. This drastically reduces the number of tools that farmers need.
The mechanisms of coupling devices are easy to operate and adjustable to any distance between rows of crop planting.

ECOPLOW-ECOARADO can perform the basic tillage and open furrows in one pass deeper than conventional equipment. The devices are adjustable and can open furrows to the required depth. It also performs the tasks of weeding, hilling and soil deep aeration after crop establishment. ECOPLOW-ECOARADO can prove that there is a different way of farming in harmony with nature, protecting the farmer and his family from exposure to chemicals, which affect the reproductive, neurological and immune human functions.

This technology prevents the removal of microorganisms from their natural habitad at different levels of the soil, allowing these microorganisms to accomplish their bilogical funtions of nourishing the plants.

BGT Agricultural Technologies, LLC New Technology for farming based on the HORIZONTAL cut of the ground.
The agriculture is the principal source of the wealth of the nations, but at the same time it is the human activity that impacts the most over the environment and the health.
The soil is a living system that works as the center of the life of our planet; and any agricultural technique or use that ignores the living nature of the soil lacks a future. Each land species, as the same as each sea species, is adapted to live at a determinated depth level .
For centuries we have done the tilling of the soil in a vertical direction, through the use of vertical plows and rotary plows, that invert, mix and compact its layers moving the different species out of their natural habitat. This has caused the destruction of almost all forms of life that have existed before and that produce, in a natural way, all the nutrients to “feed” the plants.

Due to all of the above, we have inherited a “sick” soil and sterile , where the plants survive under the dependency of increasing amounts of agrotoxics, manufactured artificially, with the base of fossil fuels which their prices have been duplicated in the the last years.

BGT reduces approximately more than 50% of pollutant emission to the environment.
BGT increases the agricultural yield and the food quality.
BGT allows to save up to 60% of water and fertilizers.
BGT saves up to 50% of fuel and salaries.
BGT gradually reduces more than 80% of herbicides and dust, avoiding complaints to EPA. .

The soil is a living system that funtion as a center of live in our planet. All agricultural technologies that ignore the nature of the soil have not future.

The ECO PLOW has been tested with great success in all types of soils and crops, working on a wider range of soil moisture than conventional implements; which allows the farmer an excellent use of soil moisture and crop planting perform at the optimum period.

The ECOPLOW is excellent as aerator and regenerating pasture. It also rejuvenates and lengthens the life of plantations of sugarcane, using adjustable fittings easy attachment.