Climate Change Solution

One of the most surprising mistakes we made in the history of mankind, lies in not having understood clearly enough, the predominant role of entropy in the degradation and depletion of our soils; working both as a driving engine of climate change and the poisoning of the entire planet.

Entropy is a measure of the amount of energy which is degraded in the form of heat and can never recover its ability to generate useful work. Soil richness and entropy vary inversely, so that when one increases the other decreases.

Entropy is a thermodynamic property whose formula is: S=Q/T, where S is the entropy, expressed in Kcal/K, the amount of heat Q exchanged Kcal and T the absolute temperature in degrees Kelvin at which heat is transferred.

The present invention is concerned with a new agricultural technology that reduces the entropy and restores soil fertility. This accelerates the recapture of atmospheric CO2 and stores it in the form of soil organic matter, which is essential to regenerate the soil life and for healthy nutrition of agricultural crops without depending on use of chemicals.

Since this technology can quickly spread to agriculture, livestock and forestry areas, unprecedented step could be accomplished to achieve the goal of reducing the CO2 content in the atmosphere to pre-industrial levels.

This is because, unlike conventional technologies that are based on the use of chemicals, the new system acts on the energetic field of the biosphere, which is regulated through the dynamics and carbon cycles, whose first link lies in the soil.

Both plants and organisms living in the soil naturally respond more quickly and effectively in the energetic field than to the chemistry of their environment.

This innovation is based on scientific concept that considers the entropic and bioenergetics balance as the basic components of an advanced model of sustainable agricultural production that helps to feed the growing world population, in harmony with the environment.

This New Technology System consists of a set of devices and methods for the ecological treatment of the soil, which has been proven in practice.

Heriberto Bouza González