Mega Project for farmers


 An unprecedented step in reducing production costs and increasing agricultural growth, global food production and human health.

Have you ever wondered how the food you consume is cultivated?.

HEALTHY FOOD COVERAlthough humans eat 3 to 5 times per day, we know very little about the harms implicated in the methods used by conventional agriculture in order to produce food in our farmlands. These methods are based in the use of millions of tons from agro-toxics and equipment that pollute, compact and sterilize the soil, which is destroying the biological mechanism created by nature over millions of years to create life and defend animals, plants and humans from plagues and disease.Agrochemicals enter our body through the food we eat every day with our family at the table.


We consume other chemical products by drinking the water and also by the air we breathe.

The vegetables like lettuce, chard and cabbage are like sponges, in which agro-toxics are accumulated before being consumed by humans.There’s no scientific method that can demonstrate in a short term that a new pesticide doesn’t cause any harm, because the worst side effects occur in the long term, when there is no possible way to cure the damage.

00000000 copiaThe children are the most affected in their early stages of life, due to light corporal weight, the negative consequences of this toxic substances are worsened.The so recommended consume of fruits and vegetables as part of a healthy diet can become the way to get cancer, that nowadays we see in early ages every time, we can also detect neurodegenerative diseases of the nervous system, and congenital malformations.

The amount of pesticides are increasing every year, among fertilizers and herbicides that are dumped on the crop fields, and yet plants suffer more diseases and pests, the soils are less fertile and increases the amount of weed in crops. Such products have become the disease instead of remedy; because we cannot solve the problems that we inherited in this century, using the same methods that provoked this problem in the past.The time taken to demonstrate the damage caused by an agro-toxic is paid with human life, also animals and plants, and some of them disappear forever.

The only safe way to stop it is through the progressive implementation of a new ecologic agricultural model capable of producing enough food for everyone, liberating us from agro-toxics. That is the main objective of this project.